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Electorally Speaking

The Electorally Speaking project, led by Dr. Sharon Jarvis, features a set of studies addressing how people talk about voting in the United States and why it matters. The research has embraced longitudinal, content analytic, experimental, elite interview, and survey methodologies. One new report, supported by Democracy Fund, presents findings on how to talk about threats to the mechanics of elections in ways that don't dampen people's desire to vote.

Jarvis, S. E., & Jennings, J. (2017). Republicans should vote: Partisan conceptions of electoral participation. American Behavioral Scientist, 61(6), 633-644.

Jarvis, S. E., & Jennings, J. (2017). Trump supporters versus Republican voters: How frustration with the media separated the GOP in 2016. In D. Schill and J. Hendricks (Eds.), The presidency and social media: Discourse, disruption, and digital democracy in the 2016 Presidential election (pp. 56-71). New York: Routledge.

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Roderick P. Hart Outstanding Book Award from the Political Communication Division of the National Communication Association

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