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I grew up in the Metroplex and have great memories of Mayor Strauss’s commitment to public service. The Institute embodies those goals and gives those of us who have been fortunate to serve in the public sector the incredible opportunity to give back and contribute to the dialogue of civic engagement.

Denise Davis, B.A. ’89, J.D. ’93, Austin

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Your donation to the Institute helps us to

  • Teach K-12 students about their communities and how to make a difference

  • Mentor college students in a year-long service and civic education program

  • Help young people learn how to get involved in the political process

  • Deepen our impact across the state of Texas


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In addition to a one-time donation online, you may create a:

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  • Memorial or honorarium gift.

* Please make checks payable to the Annette Strauss Institute at The University of Texas at Austin

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